Charlottesville Babysitters

Debra L.

I am currently a nanny to four wonderful children in Charlottesville.  After busy and stressful jobs in new home sales and as a legal assistant, I decided it was time to simplify and de-stress my life; for me that meant going back to what makes me truly happy and that’s working with children.  In my nanny role, I enjoy incorporating my own parenting skills with creativity, resourcefulness, structured play, passion, energy, and of course fun!  I find teachable moments in everything we do. 

I was born and raised in England and had a fantastic childhood.  My dad was in the Royal Air Force so we moved around a lot and I was most fortunate to see many countries and explore different cultures.  I have been married for almost 30 years (to the same wonderful man!) and we have four amazing children – all bright, loving, generous, fun, thoughtful, independent, and witty.  I stayed home with our children for fifteen years and thoroughly enjoyed that precious time with them.  During that time, I was the founder and organizer of a successful toddlers’ playgroup in Florida where I set up stations to include arts & crafts, story time, singing & movement, structured activities, and learning through play. I was also actively involved in many school events & field trips, committees, and voluntary work, including helping children to read and assisting teachers in the classroom.  In my free time I enjoy spending quality time with my family, church events and volunteering, travelling, walking, playing games, and going to the movies.

Morgan C.

I am currently a rising senior at the University of Mary Washington and an experienced caregiver.  For the last three years I have worked at The Farmington Country Club Children’s Place.  My responsibilities include- but not limited to- childcare, entertainment, developing craft ideas, comforting and distracting in order to keep the children occupied while their parents are away.  I am CPR certified and have current first aid training.  In my free time I love hanging out with my friends, family, and exploring new and different places.


Taisha T. 

Hi, I’m Tai! I grew up in Nelson County and I have been babysitting and taking care of children since I was a teenager in high school. After my baby brother was born when I was 14 years old I began helping family and friends with babysitting and had some of my first babysitting gigs at Wintergreen Resort while parents did some skiing. I took my first full time nanny job back in 2011 and I remained with that family for 5 years. It was such a joy being able to experience being a part of a child’s life during their early years and watching them grow and accomplish milestones through the early stages. I am always looking for more ways to learn about children and attend workshops often related to children behaviors. While living in Seattle WA, for two years, I gained much knowledge about the childcare field and attended National Nanny Training Day 2017. I am a member of the International Nanny Association since August 2016. Outside of my time of being a full-time nanny I also volunteer at my church with the children’s ministry. I truly enjoy seeing children learn and grow and being able to help so many families raise superior human beings.


Rachel B. 

I am currently a 2nd year in the Nursing program at the University of Virginia. I love working with kids and hope to one day specialize in pediatric nursing. I have seven years of experience working with kids in positions including babysitting, full-time nannying, being a camp counselor, and even a soccer coach. I have taken care of a wide range of ages from 4 months to 12 years old. I have loved seeing the energy, positivity, and unique personality of each child I’ve taken care of. When I’m not in class or taking care of kids I love to run, hike, do yoga, explore new restaurants, or journal. I am an adventurous and bubbly person and am so excited to be part of the Local Nanny Network. 

Virginia L.

Hi I’m Gigi! I grew up on a ranch in the central valley of California and recently moved to Charlottesville with my husband who is starting a doctorate program at UVA in Music Composition. I have been working with children a long time and am excited to get to know yours. Here’s my story:  My first nanny job was when I was 15. There were three children; an 8 month old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old. The middle child had autism which I didn’t know what that was at the time. I learned more about children with Autism and wanted to work in the school systems as an assistant for children with special needs. I did this as well as assisted bilingual students and regular ed students for the next 5 years.  I also began doing community volunteer summer programs for children and youth teaching them communication skills, public speaking and about making a positive impact in their communities. In 2011 I had the opportunity to move to China to assist with the development of a Special Education program for The School of the Nations, an international School based in Macau, China. In the summer of 2013 I was trained with the company Education Unlimited to work at Stanford summer camps where children and pre-teens were trained in a variety of skills to help prepare them in their academic pathway. I am a believer that kids are like gems of inestimable value; ignored and neglected they become dim but with care and polishing they can shine and illuminate.

Sierra B.

Hi, I’m Sierra! I am currently in my fifth year in the Masters of Arts in Teaching in Special Education at James Madison University. My studies have focused on both Special Education and Teaching English as a Second Language since my first year. I have had numerous opportunities in schools working with children and am currently finishing up my last semester of student teaching in an elementary school near JMU. I love working with children and have done so for the past eight years. Children bring a lot of joy to my life and I love spending time both teaching and learning from them. I started working with children as a childcare counselor and children’s ski Instructor at the Tree House at Wintergreen Ski Resort. Between ski seasons, I also babysat and nannied for several families in the Crozet area. I have experience working with both children with and without special needs. At JMU I am currently a big sister to an eight year-old boy through Big Sisters Big Brothers and spend time volunteering with Special Olympics and the Salvation Army whenever I can. In my free time I enjoy skiing and snowboarding, spending time with friends, and hiking with my very energetic puppy, Stella! 

Kathryn M. 

I am a Charlottesville local who loves working with kids. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, then attended Mary Baldwin College to earn my Master of Arts in Teaching. I taught kindergarten and first grade for Albemarle County Public Schools before transitioning to private tutoring. In addition, I am one of eleven grandkids and have spent many years taking care of kids at the pool. Currently,  I am also a swim coach for a high school swim team and local club team with swimmers ranging in age from 4 to 18.

I enjoy encouraging children to be creative and enthusiastic about their passions. From babies to adolescents, I am able to build genuine and friendly relationships with kids. One of my favorite things about working with children is hearing their unfiltered and pure views of the world. As a nanny, I enjoy reading books, working on art projects, building forts, playing in the dirt, and tapping into my inner-child. In my spare time, you can find me stand-up paddleboarding, refurbing and upcycling furniture, and hiking with my adorable boxer, Auggie. I am CPR and first aid certified. 


Allison K.

Hi! My name is Allison. I began babysitting at the age of 13 for a family of 4 girls of which I became their nanny throughout high school. I have worked with infants through church nursery for 4 years and I am now a preschool teacher. I am striving for my education degree in order to work with young kids as a lifetime career. I love every moment of my job because children are precious, tons of fun and it fills me with joy to watch them learn while having the best time! I spend my free time backpacking/camping/hiking, visiting close friends, writing, and traveling. My passion is working with children and ensuring that they have a wonderful and safe experience.


Noelle V.

Hello, my name is Noelle! I grew up in Tampa, Florida where babysitting for family members and neighbors was something I enjoyed doing regularly, which is definitely why I always sought out babysitting opportunities in each of the cities I moved to through my educational and professional career. I am excited to play board games, sing songs, and construct creative crafts with children through the Local Nanny Network. I look forward to meeting you and your family!

Mary Grace.jpg

Mary Grace

Hello! I'm Mary Grace, and I'm a third year nursing student at University of Virginia. I have a strong background in childcare through nursing, as well as babysitting for over a decade. I have five years of experience as a camp counselor at a summer camp that I stay at for twelve weeks each summer. I have childcare experience with children of all ages from infants to teenagers!  I love the positivity and energy that kids bring into the world, and I believe that it is extremely important for kids to find time to go outside and enjoy nature in a day and age so focused on technology. I hope to work with your children soon!


Nina Z.

Hi! I am currently a 2nd year at the UVA School of Nursing. My dad was in the Air Force so I have lived all over the country, but have finally settled in Virginia. I have a lot of experience working with kids and find it to be one of the most rewarding positions. I love children of all ages, and have babysat kids from ages 2 and up for many years. This past summer I had an amazing opportunity, as a nanny, caring for a newborn baby with special needs. In my spare time, I love to cook, do yoga, watch movies, and travel. I am excited to be a part of the Local Nanny Network and look forward to working with you and your children!  


Victoria H.

My name is Victoria and I'm a 2017 UVA graduate. I loved Charlottesville enough that I decided to stick around! I've been babysitting since my early teens and have spent several summers at camps with kids from elementary through high school. I love spending time with the little ones! In my spare time I love to dance, cook, do yoga, and read Stephen King.


Kyra S.

Hi, I’m Kyra! I am currently a freshman at James Madison University. I am a double major in intelligence analysis and computer information systems. I grew up in Greene County, Virginia which is just north of Charlottesville. I started babysitting for families in my neighborhood when I was 13. Last summer I care for two families, one with children of the ages 8, 10, and 12 and the other with children of the ages 3 months, 6, and 10. I love caring for kids and have a huge love for crafts. I can’t wait to meet you and you children!

Tassia A.

Since the age of 13, I have worked with children of all ages under several different organizations (from 4-H, Boys and Girls Club of America, and even orphanages). I have over eight years of experience working for licensed child care centers and after school facilities. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with credits in Early Childhood Education. Throughout my years of working with children I have cared for children with many varying mental health disorders.

I love planning activities based on each individual child's interest whether it be space, dinosaurs, or Australia. I have lived all over the world from Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Poland, Costa Rica and more and love sharing cultures, languages, and traditional games. Most importantly, I love to have fun and know your children are going to have so much fun too!


Devon M.

I attended James Madison University and graduated with my Masters in Elementary Education in May of 2018. I am currently working as a teaching assistant at a school for the gifted in Charlottesville and work as the preschool aftercare teacher as well. I have 8 years of childcare experience with children ranging from the age of 6 months to 14 years. I have been a camp counselor in Charlottesville for 5 summers and worked as an in home and on site tutor over the past year. I am CPR, first aid, and MAT certified  In my free time I love hiking, crafting, reading, and playing with my two beagles, Bella and Lilly!

Emily Maximus.jpg

Emily M.

Hello! My name is Emily. I have been working with children since 2012 as a teacher, tutor and nanny. I have experience with caring for infants to high schoolers. Most recently I have been nannying for siblings ages 3 and 1. I also occasionally watch my sister’s 4-year-old twins who are obsessed with building forts and playing pirates. As a nanny, I always strive to create a safe and fun environment for the children I care for.

I am a transplant from California and have lived in Charlottesville for three years with my husband and our dog Runner. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and am currently pursuing my Masters in Social Work through Virginia Commonwealth University. I enjoy providing creative activities for any age group and I believe that play should foster imagination and social skills.


Lynne H.

Hi, I'm Lynne! I have been working with children for over fifteen years. I started as a babysitter, became a nanny during summers in between college, and I am now on my ninth year of teaching in Charlottesville as a Reading Specialist.  I worked as a nanny for several summers and have outstanding references. I started my teaching career as a special education teacher and switched to a reading specialist position in 2012. I have experience with children with disabilities, refugee and ESL children, and children of all ages. Additionally, I previously taught swim lessons to children ages two to thirteen and was the Director of Activities at a private pool in New Jersey. I am very responsible, creative, nurturing and I love children. My Bachelor's Degree is in elementary and special education from St. Bonaventure University. I continued my studies at SBU and received my Master’s Degree in childhood literacy. I am CPR and First Aid certified. I have been a nanny for the Local Nanny Network since the company started, and love providing childcare for families in Charlottesville. Outside of teaching and babysitting, I enjoy exercising, reading, and spending time with my husband and my very energetic, sweet two year old son!



Hello, my name is Mikaela.  I am from Charlottesville and am currently in my third year at the University of Virginia, studying biomedical engineering. Growing up with a younger sister, I have always loved taking care of others. I started babysitting at age 14 for local families and also began helping with the children's ministry at Portico Church.  The past three summers I had the privilege of and truly enjoyed working with children ages 6 through 11 at an overnight camp in Missouri. I love spending time with children, I especially enjoy watching how readily they share their joy and excitement for the simplest things. I am CPR and First Aid certified.  My free time is best spent with friends, going on hikes, cheering on the Hoos or spending time with my family.after being a preschool teacher that nannying was what I truly loved to do. Nannying has been very rewarding in the sense of being able to watch children grow over a long period of time and being able to build connections that will last a lifetime. I recently moved to Charlottesville from Boston to further my nannying life and am now working with three children ages 7, 4 and 1. I am comfortable with children of all ages, but my favorite is working with children under the age of 2. I am CPR certified and put safety and fun above all when working with kids! In my free time I enjoy staying active, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, spending time at the beach, and most of all being with my friends and family!


Kristin S.

Hi, I’m Kristin! I am currently a student at James Madison University where I am double majoring in Architectural Design and Graphic Design. I grew up in Greene County, Virginia where I have been working with children of all ages for about five years. Throughout my years in high school I have taught several classes on stranger safety, internet safety, and the power of positive thinking to our local school system. I have also had the pleasure of being involved in Special Olympics and like organizations to help encourage children of all abilities to be active. Positively influencing future generations is incredibly rewarding and is why I love being a nanny. I love to help children become the best individuals they can be and I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Julia R.

I have been involved with childcare since for over ten years. I began babysitting at age 15, and helped with the church nursery during high school. I grew up in Charlottesville and moved back after I graduated from the University of Mary Washington with my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I spent a year tutoring elementary school children in a low-income housing neighborhood in Fredericksburg, and also spent a summer home from college nannying for a family with three children. I have experience caring for children in the age range of newborn to pre-teen. My favorite activities with kids are ones that allow the children to express their creativity and use their imagination!

Courtney S.

Hi, I’m Courtney. I am in my fifth year of teaching fourth grade in Louisa County. Prior to becoming a teacher, I obtained both my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees at James Madison University. While in college I was a camp counselor back home in Hanover County during the summers. At camp I worked with all the children, as well as spent two summers being an aide for a child with special needs, and I was the supervisor of the camp my last summer. I love interacting with kids whether it’s in the classroom, on the playground, or at a park. I am so excited to be joining Local Nanny Network and I can’t wait to work with you and your family!


Destinie T.

I am a local educator who loves learning with and from kids! I earned my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Teaching degrees at the University of Virginia. I taught first and third grade in Albemarle County Public Schools and now serve as an Instructional Coach in the same county. I also work with a variety of elementary school learners as a private tutor. In addition to my teacher licensure, I am CPR and first aid certified. 

Working with children is truly a passion for me. I consider it an honor to build relationships with kids and care for them. As a nanny, I enjoy playing outside, diving into a craft project, playing games, and reading stories. In my spare time, I like to explore local restaurants and treasures with my friends. I’m excited to meet you and your family! 

Sydney L.

I am currently a junior at Liberty University double majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in Psychology, Fine Arts and Military History, I want to pursue a career in Military Counseling. I grew up in Greene County, Virginia which is just north of Charlottesville. I have been working with children for about seven years, from newborns to middle schoolers. In 2016, I worked at a childcare center as a teacher assistant with 2 and 3-year old’s. My favorite part about caring for children is watching them learn new things and explore the world around them.  Kids are so creative and fun so I love to do crafts and games with them to see what they come up with. When I am not working with children or concentrating on school I love to read, paint, draw and spend time with friends and family. 


Morgan L.

I am currently a junior at James Madison University, and I am studying Health Sciences with a concentration in public health. I have been working with children for about seven years, from newborns to 12 year olds. I also have experience with twins. Most of the families I have babysat for I have met through my church or through a reference. One of my favorite parts about babysitting is forming relationships with the families in my community, and being able to watch their children grow over the years. I love working with kids and being around their energetic personalities and love for life. When I am not with kids or working. I love working out, spending time outdoors and being with friends and family. I can't wait to meet your kids and work with your family. 

Brittany B.

Hi, my name is Brittany! My peers would describe me as energetic, caring, and easy-going. I have eleven years of childcare experience, mostly with newborns to four years olds. I started as a two year old teacher when I was 16 and after high school I worked at a summer camp where I was the children's camp director for four years. 

During those four years I was also a children's director at a local church overseeing infants to fifth grade. I moved to New York City and was able to nanny for a newborn for almost a year. It is my greatest passion to give children a safe and fun space to create, play, and grow. Needless to say I love what I do. I can't wait to meet you and connect with your little ones!


Melissa R.

Hi, I'm Melissa! I have always been passionate about working with little ones and I currently work as a pediatric nurse at UVA Children's Hospital. I have experience with children of all ages and worked as a babysitter/nanny for families around Charlottesville throughout college. Through this as well as through my nursing training I have experienced caring for all different types of children including newborns, infants, children with special needs, and school-aged children, and am CPR certified. I also used to work as a summer camp counselor and as a kid at heart myself I just absolutely love providing fun, safe environments for kids to unleash their energy and creativity and simply have fun! I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family and helping your special event run smoothly by making sure the kids have a great time too!